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Duckworth Square is now closed.

It ran from January 2004 to January 2009 as a web forum intended to be "an independent inclusive co-operative aimed at promoting the music scene in Derby through love, peace, harmony and marmalade."

After five years of trying to do just that, the time seemed right to close the chapter.

We'd like to thank everyone who took part and we'd like think that the vast majority of users got some benefit from the forum while it existed, whether that be through a friendship made, a guitar bought/sold, a gig they attended or promoted or just pure comedy value from laughing at some of the stuff people came out with on here.

It's been a fun five years and the daft thing is that we are still, as of yesterday, getting new users signing up, just not as many as we did in the first couple of years. It's harder to get involved with a forum once it's been around a while and sometimes the "regulars" aren't as welcoming as they could be. Add to that the explosion of social networking sites like Facebook where people can build a network of friends and promote their wares without having to venture into the outer regions of the web where (gasp) not everyone is neccessarily a fan of your band. It's fair to say that things have run their course here.

Hopefully someone else will take the time and money (yes..sadly this was free for everyone except moi, the bloke who paid the hosting fees) to set up a nice, shiny new forum with a lovely interface and no Google adverts all over it and we can all try again. I've actually got better things to do with my life these days. Hooray for me. I look forward to not being in charge any more.


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