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Friday, October 06, 2006

Gay Against You

There may be a slight lack of posts over the coming weeks as I'm moving house next week - so to tide things over a quick post about a band that aren't from the late 80's.

Now that the word "gay" seems to have taken on a third meaning for a third generation (has a word ever changed meaning so often?? I can't keep up..I'm still in my 19th century dandy costume here..) the main problem a band called Gay Against You face is the fear they may turn out to be as utterly terrible as Britpop abominations Gay Dad. Luckily for the WORLD...they're not.

When I was a teenager, having to deal with my parents complain that they couldn't understand the music I was listening to, I sometimes tried to imagine what the music of the future might sound like, and how it might be so completely unlike anything I'd ever heard that I would feel the same alienation they were experiencing to the lilting melodies Bogshed.

My point being that I think Gay Against You sound like what I IMAGINED 21st Century music might be. What I can't explain is why I still like it rather than hate it. And I'm not even pretending to like it in order to look DOWN wiv da KIDZ!

Gay Unicorn is probably my favourite song as it best mixes the insanity and catchiness...and of course on a much deeper level it explores the sexuality of the mythical one-horned equine beast...a topic of which the importance can NEVER be underestimated.

Gay Against You - Gay Unicorn

Their live shows are supposed to be a spectacle to behold so hopefully they'll play the Midlands soon and I can judge for myself.

They also just did a session on Tom Ravenscroft's SlashMusic show (the 28th September edition) where they performed their entire live set at breakneck speed to fit the 11 minute slot they were allocated.

They have released the album "Muscle Milk" on Adaadat Records

Buy it HERE


  • At 1:59 AM, Anonymous Eric Murphy said…

    Dude, those cunts are, well, to use the word in your third sense... well gay. Very shite music indeed. Limp-wristed, middle-of-the-road bollocks. Please, fuck off.

  • At 1:06 PM, Blogger Francis said…

    What are you my DAD?! haha


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